September Update Notes With the latest update Feed and Grow: Fish gets its 0.13 version. It's a big update with many bugs and issue fixes, new features, and minor improvements. Here is the list with the main changes in this version: 1. One of the biggest challenges towards Survival mode was the overall ecosystem of the Reef map. Over time we filled it with a lot of different species that had no / very little participation in the overall food chain. Some were removed some added, so far. Yet the kind of the ocean keeps it's throne. Dunkleosteus - removed three new Parrotfish - added ( so far they only differ randomly in coloration ) Blue Tang and new three Tang fish - added Butterfly fish - added Cuttlefish - added Small destroy-able mollusk-like food - removed Sea urchin - added ( deals damage on contact ! ) New animated light 2. Onward to the better, yet keeping the old feeling, we've updated the behavior of the most predators in the Reef map. This includes Moray eel, Grouper goliath, Barracudas and both Tiger and Hammerhead sharks. The main problem we've been facing was to create a focused role for each kind of fish. Eels correctly hide in crevices. Sharks seek and target meaty prey. Barracudas collectively strike upon smaller schools of fish. Did you know? Bibos was originally meant to be the single-one Big-Boss of the map. However that shark eventually took over that role, as he had better resolution model :D. Goliath - new model & better stats Hammerhead - new model & better stats Continue Reading
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