Feed and Grow: Fish

  • Developer: Old B1ood
  • Genre: Action, Indie, Simulator
  • Version: Latest Version
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Official information

Release Date January 8, 2016
Developer Old B1ood
Publisher Greens s.r.o.
Genre Action, Indie, Simulator
Language English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese
System Windows PC, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Version Latest Version


Feed and Grow: Fish Review – Open the New World

Feed and Grow: Fish is an animal survival game with many locations and characters. You start playing fish Feed and GRrow as a small fish, and you have one goal – eat everything you can. When your fish gets bigger, it can eat more and more. But be careful because many hungry fishes may easily steal the food away. You can download Feed and Grow Fish on the PC together with your friends. Whose fish will be the biggest? 

How to Grow a Big Fish

You start your journey in the river as an inoffensive fish. It can bite and eat – these controls are in your hands. In the beginning, it takes some time to accustom to fish feed and grow game mechanics, and most victims will run away from you. But it’s not time to give up. Your fish will get bigger very quickly after you play for some time. 

There are plenty of characters you can choose from, like a piranha, pike, shark, and many others. Every player has its unique abilities that will help you during the game. For example, it will increase the damage you make to your victim. Also, when you level up, you will kill fish much faster and get new abilities in feed and grow fish game free.

Feed Grow Fish: Let’s Discover the Ocean

The game is on early access, and now you may choose from several locations like river, ocean and swamp. Developers add new places all the time. When you play Fish Feed and Grow, you feel like you’re wandering in the ocean in real life. You will find not only fish but also crabs, shellfish, and an amazing flora with different algae, shells, etc. 

The Feed Grow Fish game graphics are dynamic and colorful. An ocean looks realistic thanks to the smallest details. There are bubbles and some other great water effects. The fish feed grow game arts also depend on the game mode you choose. You may play as a calm fish that collects points and opens new abilities, or as a predator that eats everything it sees – all this is available in Feed and Grow: Fish game. 

Feed and Grow: Fish Overall

It’s not that simple to survive in the boundless ocean as a small creature. Game Feed and Grow Fish allows you to try living as a fish. Players that like games with the ocean theme will be satisfied with this play. I think gamers that prefer survival quests will also find Feed and Grow: Fish interesting – it’s because the game becomes better all the time. 


Q: Does it take a lot of time to Grow and Feed: Fish to make it huge?

A: In the beginning, most players need some time to accustom to the mechanics. You can move your fish only forward and backward with the keys. The mouse helps you to define the direction and bite. Overall, it takes not much time to level up – but every next task becomes more difficult.

Q: How much free space do I need for Fish Feed and Grow download?

A: The game is very small – you need about 2 GB of free space. It doesn’t have high system requirements. You can play Feed and Grow Fish free even if your PC is not the latest model. However, the game develops all the time, so feed and grow fish download may require more space in the future.

Q: Can I play Fish Feed and Grow free on services?

A: The feed and grow fish free download allows you to play Feed and Grow Fish as a single player as well as playing with other people on services. You will need access to the Internet, but you can easily play Feed and Grow: Fish free with your friends.


One of the best unstoppable games where your main goal is to raise your fish and become the king of the underwater world.


  • Graphics


  • Amazing Gameplay
  • Lots of fish
  • Unstoppable Action





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